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We'll be your crazy webbed feet.

We love events. We love the mad pace and the million details. We love the fact our job demands rigorous planning, 24/7 accountability, relentless attention to detail, killer design, AND ingenious in-the-moment improvisation and flexibility. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Seriously. He's one of us and we've got you covered. We like our clients to feel like beautiful swans, gliding through their events. Because we love being the wildly paddling feet that make it all look so effortless. You are the star. Relax and enjoy the party! Sweating the details will just leave you ... well, sweaty. But at ROTFL, that is precisely what makes us shine.

We're different.

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Everyone loves a tasty cookie, but no one wants a cookie-cutter event. With deep roots in both visual and performing arts, we live for that perfect storm of unique style, theatricality and flawless execution. Our "To do" lists are actually "ta-DA!" lists. You deserve fabulous.

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    Click that Request Info button, call, email, SMS, or yodel* ... If you have an event, we're taking notes. Let us help you wrap your mind around the aesthetic and the numbers. (*Special discounts for rockin' a Dirndl or Lederhosen whilst yodeling.)

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    Site assessment, design review, budget development, marketing and PR, food & beverage requirements, vendor selection, technical needs and staffing requirements. Click on that button over there for a full list of services.

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    We like transparency, so once we're 'clear' on all the details, we provide you with a comprehensive event summary and timeline for deliverables. We can even customize a cloud accessible accounting tool to help keep you on budget.

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